1. Social and Economic Research

    Knowing your local area enables you to take the right decisions in promoting Economic and Social Development.

    Promoting and publicizing socio-economic research means taking the right path towards improving the society we live in, influencing the choices of economic and political actors, increasing general awareness among citizens .

    What is needed is continuous research and analysis of local contexts, public opinion, relevant organizations and associations. Such studies do not only involve gathering structured data from questionnaires, but should enable us to harness the power of statistical information to gain a better understanding of underlying processes and identify effective guidelines for the socio-economic growth of specific areas.

    With this as an objective, we analyse social and economic phenomena by means of ad hoc structured surveys and wide-ranging research projects that incorporate a variety of areas of interest, from market performance to culture, from environmental welfare to technological innovation and social welfare.

    The methods we use are technically innovative and efficient in terms of results and information flow, which guarantees maximum circulation and easy accessibility to content.
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