1. Google Tag Manager Specialists

    GTM or Google Tag Manager has become an everyday tool, which reduces workload of IT taking care of repeated script implementations (Google Analytics, E-commerce tracking, Remarketing Tags and Customized Scripts): the key of its success is the minimisation of time and cost impact

    We deeply know the potential of Google Tag Manager (GTM), of its immediacy, but also its dangers: this tool can actually generate conflicts among scripts, tracking and undermine the usability of the Web publication.

    Google Tag Manager activities are often owned by IT, either in house or outsourced. But often the management of this powerful delivery tool is in the hands of companies, which can have difficulty in exploiting its potential.

    We provide various solutions for managing GTM activities. We can take over a total ownership, which means that we are in charge of installation and monitoring of the correct functioning of tags, triggers and defined variables; or we can design data layer interfaces which are useful for data acquisition. We also collaborate with IT departments to perform a final compatibility check with the scripts on page and publication of the modified containers.

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